Session: Indietracks 2014

So a couple of weekends ago we headed to Indietracks and recorded some bands, took some photos and shot some video. I’m desperate to share these tracks and the video isn’t ready so I will be sharing a video special with Owl John and all our Indietracks fun in the near future. The tracks are by bands who we managed to harass enough via twitter that they agreed to meet us and our guitar so we’re pretty grateful to them. Thee Ahs played in front of an abandoned colliery and competed with mainstage racket, Onsind almost got run over by the miniature railway and Trust Fund risked it all in a rusty cart. The odd one out here is Martha, made up of Onsind, Naomi from No Ditching and JC who was manning the Discount Horse table in the merch tent they were pretty busy all weekend so instead of getting a little session specifically with them we recorded their acoustic set in the merch tent on Sunday evening.

To check out all our photos (and there’s plenty of them, too many for a slideshow) then just head here!

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  1. dave says:

    hi, is there any chance of posting the full Martha set?

    cheers, dave.

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