Neutral Milk Hotel: 5 places we’d rather see them than The Corn Exchange

So a week today Neutral Milk Hotel are playing in Edinburgh and it’s just as well they’re a band I would go see anywhere because I struggle to think of somewhere I’d less like to go than The Corn Exchange. Here’s 5 better suggestions:


1. Bannermans – the tide of dank that sweeps over you as you enter would have be at its worst to make a ride to Corn Exchange on the 35 more appealing.




2. Avalanche Records – which at this point I guess counts as any street corner/train platform or maybe Fleshmarket Close, it worked for Lady North.




3. My living room – we can keep them locked in until they play the entirety of the back catalogue?

2014-05-18 20.40.37



4. One of Edinburgh’s many central office spaces – because with the ceiling panels and horrible acoustics, that’s pretty much what we’re getting but less conveniently located.




5. But seriously – why not The Usher or Queen’s Hall??



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