Hal Morrissey Gillman’s #3: Various Artists/Hobo Truffles – Ode to Ghana


Various Artists/Hobo Truffles

(Released 01/01/14, Hobo Truffles)

Hobo Truffles as a name in itself is I’m sure enough to pique your interest, but give the music a listen and you’ll be hooked. At the start of the year, this interesting global netlabel released ‘Ode to Ghana’  — a project exhibiting the exciting music scene of Ghana, combining hi-life afro jazz with contemporary electronic (not dissimilar to one Flying Lotus). It features a number of artists, but the sound is so distinct that the record manages to feel really cohesive and flows beautifully. I can’t recommend this release enough — it’s only 80p on Bandcamp for the whole thing, so you’ve no excuse. Go listen, have a jive.


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