Brian Pokora’s #1:
PAWS – Youth Culture Forever


(Released 2nd June, FatCat Records)

I know, which the exception of this year’s Meursault related spoils (Kissing/Pissing reissue, Organ Grinder’s Monkey or Bastard Mountain) this is probably the most homer response I could give to “what’s been your favourite album of the first half of 2014?” but it’s true. Back at the start of the year I was trying not to build up too much excitement for the band’s sophomore album in case it didn’t live up to Cokefloat!’s hefty achievements. Youth Culture Forever does not disappoint in the slightest and for me it surpasses their debut.

The band manage to show off their depth sonically on YCF and War Cry whilst in between highlighting their ability to write hook upon hook. Whether it’s the constant touring or having the experience recording their debut to call upon it feels as though they’ve refined their sound and become a lot more confident on this record.

Since this isn’t as long as the other reviews in this series I’ll make it up to you with this sneak peek of the session we did with PAWS a few weeks ago. Full session including videos hopefully on it’s way this weekend!

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