Turnt Back Tuesday:

Okay, new feature time on Post__Nothing. Every Tuesday until they run out I’m going to post an archive session from 2010-2012ish because it feels a shame having them sitting on my hard drive and nobody getting the chance to listen to them. I intend to take these down from soundcloud and replace them on a weekly basis, just to save on space but if you want one after it’s gone just get in touch.

I’m going to start with Yahweh who I don’t think really exist any longer but this is a session I’ve always loved loads. This was recorded in Fresh Air’s studio 2 back on the 3rd December 2010. The popped by before their set at Gerry Loves Christmas which I unfortunately didn’t make due to trawling through to Glasgow in the snow to see Frightened Rabbit at The Barrowlands. Last I heard their guitarist/vocalist Lewis Cook now plays in electro act Mother Ganga and psych band The Cosmic Dead but I haven’t heard anything from the rest of the band, I hope they’re all doing well.

I’ve now taken this down from Soundcloud – to save me having to get an unlimited account – but you can download the session here.

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