Post__Nothing – Edinburgh Underground Music 2010 – 2014

This coming Saturday is Cassette Store Day, the second day of the year in which a defunct media format takes centre stage and in collaboration with FoxBox Records we’re releasing “Post__Nothing – Edinburgh Underground Music 2010 – 2014”. This year I think I prefer Cassette Store Day to Record Store Day and if you compare the releases it’s easy to see why. Back in April the two things I was after was a re-issue of The Twilight Sad’s Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters and the 5 disc monster “The Long Goodbye” chronicling LCD Soundsystem’s final ever show. In September though I’m after a compilation featuring songs from Pavement’s Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain and another compilation of bands on Fuzzkill Records – Now That’s What I Call Music 666. I think this lies largely in that tapes go very much hand in hand with the DIY ethic that produces mixes and compilations – of which I’m proud to say FoxBox Records and Post__Nothing are now part of!

Front with tracklisting

The past few lunchtimes I’ve been sending off copies of the tape to places like Copenhagen, Gent, London and Stockton on Tees and I’m really excited for these recording I’ve been working on for the past four years to end up on record shelves all over Europe. As you can see from the tracklisting below it’s a fairly extensive list including what I recorded on my second visit to the Fresh Air studio with Ross Clark of Three Blind Wolves, the session we did with Trust Fund at Indietracks this summer and when I had Meursault play in my flat – however, it’s not comprehensive. There are many sessions I’ve done over the past few years which have for whatever reason nott made it onto this tape including Turning Plates, The Twilight Sad, Owl John, The Spook School and Bear Bones who I can think of off the top of my head but hopefully we’ll be able to include them on something else in the future.

The tape will be available in Vox Box Records in Edinburgh and Love Music in Glasgow as well as various stores around the country, Denmark and Belgium on Saturday.


A1 // Three Blind Wolves — Sex Is For Losers // Fresh Air Studio September 2010
A2 // The Pictish Trail —  The Day Is Far Too Long // Fresh Air Studio April 2014
A3 // Carbs — Infinite Ammo // Fresh Air Studio April 2014
A4 // The Meanest Creature Ever Known — Cnut // Fresh Air Studio October 2013
A5 // Randolph’s Leap — Counting Sheep // Electric Circus August 2011
A6 // Trapped Mice — Shades pt.1 // St Anthony’s Chapel June 2014
A7 // I Build Collapsible Mountains — Burn // Fresh Air Studio June 2011
A8 // Skinny Dipper — Hospital Bed // Electric Circus June 2014

B1 // PAWS — If It Makes You Happy // Edinburgh College of Art June 2014
B2 // Andrew Pearson & Lovers Turn To Monsters — Ally McCoist // Fresh Air Studio August 2014
B3 // Virgin of the Birds — Let Me Be Your Bride // Water of Leith May 2014
B4 // Plastic Animals — Ghosts // Fresh Air Studio October 2013
B5 // Meursault — Death To Meursault // My flat May 2014
B6 // Simon Herron — I Will Watch You Son // Fresh Air Studio October 2013
B7 // Trust Fund — Sadness // Midland Railway Centre July 2014
B8 // Over The Wall — Thurso // Fresh Air Studio 2 November 2010

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