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Fuck you, Kelly Jones.

But I suppose I’ll live, maybe. (edit: I did) Whenever you wrote a line that probably meant nothing to you and stuck it on a shitty album called Performance and Cocktails it changed my...

Edinburgh Oxjam Takeover 2014 Launch

So you may have already discovered that after doing production in 2011 I’m managing this year’s Oxjam Takeover. This morning we announced our launch gig at Sneaky Pete’s on the 8th June with Algernon...


Simon Herron – October 2013

I’m slowly working my way through the masses of content I’ve built up which isn’t readily available online. It seems about half of said content belongs to this lovely Irish chap and this particular...

Flat gig round mine

A couple of weeks ago Simon Herron was up from Liverpool so instead of letting him forget about music for the weekend we made him play some of his music in my living room...

Carbs post

Carbs session

Post__Nothing 20th April 2014 Carbs Session by Brian Pokora on Mixcloud Session and interview with Carbs on 20th April 2014. Session tracks only here.


The Twilight Sad session special – The Twilight Sad in session by Brian Pokora on Mixcloud Recorded on the 16th November 2011 at the Session tracks only here.


The Pictish Trail session

Post__Nothing 23rd April 2014 w/ The Pictish Trail by Brian Pokora on Mixcloud Joined by The Pictish Trail with tracks from Bastard Mountain, Carbs, The Meanest Creature Ever Known, Tuff Love, Prehistoric Friends and...