Post__Nothing’s Top Album of the Years 2014

It’s that time of the year when every music fan is writing their list and checking it twice or more. Well before we show off our album of the year list here is my album of the years list.

5. Noisey

noise  Album of the Year 2014

It’s got a mix of records I’ve liked on it and music I reckon I would like if I bothered to listen to on it. Would listen to Spotify playlist of top 25. Solid album of the year list.

Top 5:
1: Ratking – So It Goes
2: Dean Blunt – Black Metal
3: PC Music – Disown Mix
4: Taylor Swift – 1989
5: Alex G – DSU

4.Picadilly Records

piccadilly records  Album of the Year 2014

Whether brave, cocky or just a bad decision Picadilly Records’ album of the year list is one of few lists with the top album at the top of the page instead of bottom (of page 10). As a result I don’t know what came at number 5 or below.

Top 5:
1: Jane Weaver – The Silver Globe
2: Be (Gareth Be) – The Seven Movements
3: Horebeach – Horebeach
4: The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream
5: *shrug*

3. Pitchfork*

            Pitchfork Album of the Year 2014

*or pretty much anyone else who hasn’t released yet because once you’ve had a gaze over it and listened to anything that catches your eye it’s all a bit worthless. They could name anything number one and still be the most “important” album of the year list. Since they’re holding out on us I’m gonna take a stab at predicting their top 5.

Top 5:
1: Beyonce – BEYONCE
2: The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream
3: *something I’ve never heard of*
4: Caribou – Our Love
5: Future Islands – Singles


As appears to be the style, the rest of our list will be posted later in the week/month.

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