Dan Deacon – Feel The Lightning

I’ve really been getting into Dan Deacon after watching a little bit of this and trawling through the credit to find out who the guy at the start sounding a little bit like Animal Collective and a little bit like Hookworms was. I’ve been finding America abrasive and hard listening but ultimately rewarding, the occasional cookie noises of Spiderman Of The Rings a whole bunch of fun and Bromst in the middle just about the perfect mix of the two. This sudden liking of Dan Deacon has come from practically nowhere and maybe it’s because I’ve discovered a guy who makes odd electronic music, openly admits he can’t sing and requires a tactical use of hats.

He has a new album coming out in a few weeks called Gliss Riffer which I am highly anticipating but have yet to hear anything from it other than the single Feel The Lightning. Feel The Lightning is on the surface a lot more straight forward and catchy than anything from America and feels more like an actual song. I’m excited to hear what the rest of the album has in store come February 24th and how more stuff like this potentially impacts his live set.

(also, you can grab the stems for Feel The Lightning here if you’re into that sort of remixing thing)

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