How I Spent My Summer – Brian Pokora

The first in a series where I’ll be getting Rachel, Patrick, Hal and Hannah to talk about their summers.

Best show/festival of the summer: Indietracks

My first ever time camping, my first long drives and being surrounded by pals all weekend whilst headliners Gruff Rhys, Dean Wareham and Allo Darlin’ were all amazing. It’s where I first heard Trust Fund and Martha who’ve both become favourites. Oh, and the ONSIND vs The Spook School games of football on Saturday and Sunday morning were pretty great fun too.

Track of the summer: Joanna Gruesome – Psykick Espionage

I heard it at Indietracks, their gig at Mono and Beacons Festival and then they dropped this which will be on the forthcoming Trust Fund split.

Album of the summer: Martha – Courting Strong

Martha didn’t really click with me until I seen their acoustic set in the merch tent at Indietracks but since then it’s been a staple. The album is absolutely perfect and has so far withstood numerous repeat plays without growing old.

Peave of the summer: Sleaford Mods

Live their DJ looks less bothered than I would DJing B’witched and their MC spitting foul language with what seems like little thought for rhyme or reason. It baffles me how something like this can become popular enough to have filled the Noisey tent at Beacons. This and Royal Blood being nominated for a Mercury really make me wonder what’s happened to music in the last few months.

Most hyped for: Run The Jewels 2 / Iceland Airwaves

I have confidence in that the follow up to the best hip hop album of last year will also be the best hip hop album the year because it is the meeting of the two greatest rappers in the game right now. Iceland meanwhile is where I’ll witness the meeting of the Eurasian and American plates – the two greatest tectonic plates in the game since Pangaea.

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