The Three Bands ‘Better Together’ Asked To Play ‘A Night For The Union’



My ears are still ringing from last night’s incredible scenes at The Usher Hall. Even the late-middle aged women mouthing “what the fuck is this” during Mogwai’s louder sections didn’t dampen the atmosphere. Franz Ferdinand, Amy McDonald and Elaine C Smith were all perfectly good fun but personally I don’t think I’ve had that good a time and shouted along as loudly to Frightened Rabbit in a while.

Here’s the bands ‘Better Together’ asked to play for them before the Yes camp stole their show.


They both understand how big businesses can be replied upon to push their cause – whether it’s Better Together lobbying for supermarkets to announce price rises or Bono uploading his album that’s so bad he can’t even sell onto your iTunes.

Clegg meets Bono

Royal Blood

Better Together needed advice on how to be inexplicably successful using the same ideas which had been executed much better before by a better bunch of lads. They turned around and said something about how it’s all about communication with supporters so ‘Better Together’ put something on for their supporters flying around in private jets.


Boards Of Canada

Better Together need some token Scots and Boards Of Canada are the perfect choice. I have no idea about their political views but their lengthy silence between albums and their hesitation to talk when nominated for last year’s Scottish Album of the Year Award means they probably wouldn’t come out and say anything otherwise, and in terms of musical talent from Scotland, that’s all Better Together can hope for. It’s probably not but if it was claimed that the cover of Tomorrow’s Harvest was London and they did support a No vote it wouldn’t be their biggest lie.




Other bands with relevant names etc etc

Simple Minds, Status Quo, Fat White Family, Kunt And The Gang.

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