Just Fucking Listen To It:
Son Lux – Lanterns


Good Kidd, M.a.a.D City, Swearin’ and Celebration Rock are three albums which I discovered in 2013 that would’ve been in my top records of 2012 if I had picked up on them in time. This year it took until the 3rd June to discover an album that would have similarly been atop my favourites of 2013. The album is Lanterns by Son Lux and I found it partly because he played in Glasgow last Tuesday (missed due to Primavera-lag and fear of travelling through herds of One Direction fans) and partly from this year’s Pitchfork Paris lineup.

I struggle to describe exactly what Son Lux or Lanterns is in a similar way that describing Kill The Waves has dogged me for years – often finding myself resorting to “just fucking listen to it!”. Now though, not only have I discovered more music in the same dark yet catchy vein as Kill The Waves but now can say “Kill The Waves are great, they kind of sound like Son Lux” or vice-versa. This may show my music taste as being sheltered but I love how inventive this record this is when it comes to it’s lack of percussion cliches and how more often than not the space between drums and claps is left void, who needs hi-hats in modern music anyway? For me the pounding drums and odd guitar noises offset by urgent strings in No Crimes and the way Easy can momentarily fall away to nothing at a moment’s notice to be replaced by a bass run is the perfect example of why I like this record. This record, and indeed this musician (see other projects Sisyphus and his work with Beans) doesn’t represent any one thing and therein lies the magic.

Just fucking listen to it.

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