JFLTI: Ryan Hemsworth – Walk Me Home

It is no exaggeration to say that Ryan Hemsworth is perhaps one of the hardest working producers in modern music. In 2014 he embarked on a world tour, produced songs for up-and-coming rappers, created collaborations with Japanese producers and curated consistently stellar releases on his newly founded net-label Secret Songs. In addition to all of these accomplishments he also found the time to release his third album “Alone For The First Time”.

To me this album was a constant companion during the increasing darkness of the winter. Despite the rather melancholic title and artwork, “Alone For The First Time” isn’t an album that mopes around in sadness. Instead it is a comforting and almost celebration of loneliness. “Alone…” can be best described as a warm blanket or hug in the way that it reassures the listener that “sometimes we all feel this way”.

“Walk Me Home” is a track that exemplifies the best qualities of this album. It features a perfectly murmured performance by Lontalius and an initially adorable instrumental track by Ryan Hemsworth. The twinkly toy-xylophone soon gives way to a chorus that makes the most simple statement of “Never leave me alone” sound like the most important and significant words anyone has ever uttered. It was my favourite song of last year and the immense emotional power of it has still not faded since.

Ryan Hemsworth is currently touring the UK and will be performing in Edinburgh at Cabaret Voltaire on March 1st.

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