JFLTI: Purity Ring – Begin Again

purity ring another eternity

Purity Ring – Another Eternity (out 2nd March on 4AD)


Purity Ring’s trap filled debut Shrines was retrospectively one of my favourite records of 2012 and was the first record from that year I really got into in early 2013. Since then it has become a seasonal favourite on cold winter mornings and loose ends such as their appearance on 25 Bucks (the best track on Danny Brown’s second LP ‘Old’) and their cover of Soulja Boy’s Grammy have been just about getting me by whilst awaiting more from Corin Roddick and Megan James.

Back in December with the release of Push Pull it appeared the band were ready to come out with something substantial and alongside yesterday’s release of Begin Again came the announcement of second LP Another Eternity. Begin Again suggests that this band might moving away from their trap almost cloudrap sounds of the first record to more EDM territory. If a swerve towards EDM is the case I have no complaints as the intricacies which made Shrines such a rewarding album to delve into seem to be very much present. Begin Again also gives the impression that Purity Ring are a band with ambitions greater than being a niche quasi-chillwave act and I’m dreaming of them killing it in front of a massive crowd at 3am in Barcelona this May but I guess we’ve got another week to find out if Primavera will make it come true.

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