Just Fucking Listen To It:
Mausi – Hideaway (Kiesza Cover)

As the sun is coming out there is nothing I love more than summer music. Y’know, the sort of music that when you’re listening to it you imagine yourself sat in a beer garden drinking corona. Well, for me, Mausi is just that kind of music. They’re the ultimate partying-in-the-sunshine music. I just love them.

I also really loved the original version of this song by Kiesza, its fun and summery (and the dancing in the video is great!). So what more could I want? That was until I heard this version. Mausi have not only covered this track but they’ve given it their own little twist. Find out for yourself, have a listen!

Hannah Brown

Edinburgh Graduate in French and Russian. Likes : Cats, Music, Cereal.

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