JFLTI: Sufjan?? Everybody onboard!

I know it’s gonna be one of these super-hyped-up records that everyone is already really excited about, but I don’t care, I just need to express how bloody excited I am about this:

New Sufjan Stevens.

The Age of Adz, Illinoise were beautiful records, and hip-hip-hoorahh another is on the way. Carrie and Lowell is out on 31st March, and based on the first single, everyone in their right mind should pre-order a copy. As is so often the case with his music, ‘No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross’ is hauntingly tender, suggesting the new record will be a succession of sentimental and delicate stories, wonderfully told by Sufjan’s gripping falsetto.

Listen to this single if you haven’t already, and get fixed on this new record.

God I’m excited.

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