JFLTI: Skylar Spence – Can’t You See

After a name change, signing to Carpark Records and releasing one of the best singles of last summer; Skylar Spence is back with the first single from his upcoming album “Prom King”. “Can’t You See” manages to be a worthy follow up to the heartache of “Fiona Coyne”, it’s a deliriously catchy disco tinged track about confidence and self-love. It appropriately shows off Spence’s own increasing confidence as a singer, this song featuring his most assured vocal performance yet. This is another irresistible track and a fantastic progression from the already fantastic chopped-up funk and vapourware of “Saint Pepsi”. With each release the connection between these two “phases” and why he has succeeded at two styles of music has become more apparent: they both share a deep appreciation and love of classic pop music.



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