Just Fucking Listen To It: A Sunny Day In Glasgow – In Love With Useless


A Sunny Day In Glasgow

A Sunny Day In Glasgow are a dream-pop band that are  influenced by shoegaze artists such as-

Hey don’t close this tab! Yes, I know you might be tired of the recent onslaught of dream-pop bands but please hear me out!

I feel that a lot of current artists perhaps miss the point of shoegaze. Whilst My Bloody Valentine amazed with their cutting-edge gorgeous guitar textures on Loveless, underneath the distortion there were GREAT songs. Countless bands appear to forget this and end up being soulless tribute bands to the “good old days”.

With “In Love With Useless”, A Sunny Day In Glasgow buck this trend by writing a stellar pop-song AND packing it with as many beautiful sounds as possible. Instead of murmuring quietly over a static dirge of fuzz, the vocals soar  above a gorgeous bed of  bouncing guitars and twinkling keyboards. “In Love With Useless” is full of beautiful sonic details which orbit around the sweet indie-pop at the beating heart of this song instead of submerging it. A personal highlight for me is the dual choruses, one of which is accompanied by a harsh screaming guitar each time the vocalist opens her mouth. It’s as if the instrument is being plugged in-and-out in time to her voice and the effect is wonderful. The cumulative effect of all these sounds is a feeling of being deliriously happy and this unabashed emotional quality is what makes the song such a joy to listen to.

With “In Love With Useless”,  A Sunny Day in Glasgow show that there is still someone doing dream-pop right. For me, it’s one of the most breathtaking tracks of the year.

Although The Sea When Absent – the latest A Sunny Day in Glasgow album on which this track features – has already been released in the US, it is released in the UK on 11th August.





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