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Philip Taylor PAWS

PAWS (June 2014)

Back on the 8th June PAWS played at The Wee Red Bar. They had just released Youth Culture Forever – my favourite album of the year so far – and we were supposed to...


Turnt Back Tuesday:

Okay, new feature time on Post__Nothing. Every Tuesday until they run out I’m going to post an archive session from 2010-2012ish because it feels a shame having them sitting on my hard drive and...


Trapped Mice (June 2014)

Ian from Trapped Mice (the band I play bass in) was in town with some time to kill before we playing a gig at Henry’s the other week so I thought we should actually...


Skinny Dipper (June 2014)

On Tuesday night after their appearance at Electric Circus Glasgow’s newest super group featuring members of Quickbeam and Randolph’s Leap along with former members of Aerials up and undoubtedly more bands I’m less familiar...


Bear Bones (October 2011)

Whilst uploading the Virgin of the Birds session I found some videos which I took of Ben from Bear Bones playing in Avalanche an absolute age ago. Finding these caused me to have another...

Meursault flat part 2

Meursault (May 2014)

So back on May 18th Meursault and Virgin of the Birds played a show in my house. I already posted the Bastard Mountain tracks Neil played as part of the flat gig so I...


Simon Herron – October 2013

I’m slowly working my way through the masses of content I’ve built up which isn’t readily available online. It seems about half of said content belongs to this lovely Irish chap and this particular...