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Owl John (July 2014)

We used our lunchtime on Wednesday to take a hike up my favourite hill to shoot a session with one of my favourite musicians – Owl John. Aided by Rachel Earnshaw and Fiona Mossman...

Philip Taylor PAWS

PAWS (June 2014)

Back on the 8th June PAWS played at The Wee Red Bar. They had just released Youth Culture Forever – my favourite album of the year so far – and we were supposed to...


Skinny Dipper (June 2014)

On Tuesday night after their appearance at Electric Circus Glasgow’s newest super group featuring members of Quickbeam and Randolph’s Leap along with former members of Aerials up and undoubtedly more bands I’m less familiar...


On tour:
Slow Magic

A couple of days after announcing Lone for their birthday night on July 10th, the ever reliable Sneaky Pete’s just announced a Slow Magic show on the 5th August. It’ll be my first chance...