It’s a place I’d like to be, it’s a place I’d be happy

About midday on Tuesday is about the dullest point of the working week, it’s exacerbated this week by having to make sure people can be exposed to Robin Thicke and further by tweets amounting to “I was at Howlin’ Fling” – not that I’m jealous or anything… Instead of ferries to Eigg, next weekend we’ll be taking steam trains to Indietracks and despite all the Fresh Fringe work I need to do before leaving I want to be on that steam train as soon as possible. What I’ve been thinking about most for Indietracks is if I’ll hear anyone play Tugboat all weekend and if so, who. It seems that it’s now an extremely popular choice of track to cover with Joanna Gruesome possibly being first to get in on the act. Since Galaxie 500 frontman Dean Wareham is playing directly after Joanna Gruesome on Saturday night I’m hoping to hear it at least once.

So which version of Tugboat is the best?

– Joanna Gruesome –

– Finnmark! –

– Meursault –

– Or, the original by Galaxie 500? –

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