GLASTONBURY : Why Haim are better than the Spice Girls

este haim

Friday afternoon, day 1 of Glastonbury 2014 saw L.A. three-piece Haim take to the Other Stage. Before the show started I expected great things from these ladies but I didn’t expect to come away from it with such a girl crush.

First of all, I’d like the congratulate their parents. They done good. Producing three beautiful and extremely talented daughters. Watching Haim’s live show left me with such a feeling of girl power, exactly the sort that little girls should be looking up to. Haim prove that girls can be amazing musicians as well as good looking. It’s not an either/or situation. And this is why they are so much better than the Spice Girls.

Haim’s shredding guitar solo’s, each sister rotating between singing, guitars and drums and Este’s amazing facial expressions are more than a match for the Spice Girl’s mediocre talent and reliance on self image.

Don’t get me wrong, the Spice Girls are great. I loved them every bit as much as the next little girl, I’m pretty sure I’ve pretended to be every single member at some point in my life. The Spice Girls taught girls everywhere that you didn’t have to fit one particular stereotype to be a girl, all different types were okay. But my point is that girls idolised the Spice Girls because of the way they looked and not because they were talented. The Spice Girls made girls love themselves, which is GREAT but Haim made me go ‘wow these girls are talented’. We should be teaching our little girls that the key to success is to work hard and get really good at something, not teaching them to rely on their looks. True girl power is being proud of and using our skills and brain power, not just impressing people with our great legs or shiny hair. Haim are just lucky to be blessed with both.

In fact, after watching Haim I spent the entire rest of the festival practising my Este gurn and wishing I could be a Haim sister. Unfortunately I look terrible with a centre parting and I’m not related to them, so it looks unlikely that I’ll get to join (I also think I’d need a few more guitar lessons).

If you missed Haim at Glastonbury, here’s a taster or check out their full set here.


Enjoy their talent and their extraordinarily beautiful hair!


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