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I just want to give a shout out to an event happening at Teviot tomorrow night – it’s the Fresh Air Freshers Week Pub Quiz (last year won by myself in a rap battle). If you’re new to Edinburgh or want to get involved in radio and media regardless of whether or not you’re a student I’d highly recommend heading along tomorrow night. As I’ve previously mentioned on here this offshoot of my show wouldn’t exist and my music taste would likely be very different without the station so yeah, shouts out to them. I also wouldn’t of had the opportunity to DJ at the amazing McEwan Hall the past two nights without them, so get involved if you want in on that – go check them out.

Also make sure you look up their compilation The Inside Track which is a great introduction to Scottish music and buy it to support an excellent charity.

Here is a link to the Facebook event for the pub quiz, Rachel is doing the questions so definitely will not be one to miss.

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