Fuck you, Kelly Jones.

But I suppose I’ll live, maybe. (edit: I did)

Whenever you wrote a line that probably meant nothing to you and stuck it on a shitty album called Performance and Cocktails it changed my life. “The more you fly the more you risk your liiiiiiiiiife” from Performance and Cocktails (was it from that?) asserted my stupid 14 year old notion that flying was dangerous – I was also stupid enough to like your band. But now I’m 25 and know that this line of 11 years in my mind is wrong. Dylan Baldi didn’t get to play in front of that many people in a small venue in Glasgow without jumping on one of Delta’s 747s or United Airline’s A340s. But anyway the point of tonight isn’t about Stereophonics’ shite music, it’s about Cloud Nothings and how going to see them tonight meant I have no worries about seeing Kendrick Lamar instead a week tomorrow.

They were great. They played the hits of the last two records and they retrospectively made their guitarist from 2 years ago when they played at The Captain’s Rest with North American War and PAWS look like a fourth wheel. They filled the room with their lovely noise and even came back to perform Wasted Days complete with the middle bit where the audience says “what the fuck is this” yet leave them thinking they’re the best musical act in Glasgow tonight (Fuck Tiesto).

I guess I’ll survive the two hour flight 12 kilometers above sea level not to see Cloud Nothings on the Vice stage next to Barcelona’s lovely yachts but to see Kendrick Lamar with the backdrop of what Edinburgh would call skyscrapers regardless of what you say, Stereophonics Prick.

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