Flat gig round mine

A couple of weeks ago Simon Herron was up from Liverpool so instead of letting him forget about music for the weekend we made him play some of his music in my living room to a small audience. I appear to have stumbled upon something there as it seemed to go down well, we got some lovely recordings and my flatmates were a mix of non-caring and genuinely up for it. To follow up on it, this coming Sunday I’ll similarly be bothering Jon of Virgin of the Birds who’ll be recording his own little session to a small audience. To test where my flatmates and the like’s noise limit is we’ve got Meursault doing a set too.

Here’s a little bit of Simon from the last one as a glimpse of what to expect. Get in touch if you’re interested in coming on Sunday.

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  1. May 14, 2014

    […] For those of you wanting to get to know a bit more about the band, Jon will also be appearing Live From the Latin Quarter on the Saturday before the show, and we’ll be recording a Toad Session with him on Sunday, before he plays a flat gig here. […]

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