My Ears Hurt – Beacons Concludes Our Outdoor Festival Season

It feels like this summer ended in a wash of Lancastrian rain blowing into Yorkshire. Saturday’s lovely weather and party atmosphere seemed an age away from the storm which closed one stage at Beacons Festival and caused problems on another. The season which started with a train powered trek up to Bogbain Farm on the first weekend of May now makes way for autumn/winter tour dates and flying off to indoor festivals Pitchfork Paris and Iceland Airwaves. As much as I’m looking forward to those a cheap Airbnb doesn’t quite have the same element of adventure a weekend in a tent in the Yorkshire Dales has. So after a busy time with Brew at the Bog, Primavera Sound, Kelburn Garden Party, T in the Park, Indietracks and Beacons it’s time to look back and see what we learned this summer.


5 things worth noting:


1. Besides people who I presume only cross dress at festivals (perhaps I shouldn’t presume but if I’m wrong then surely they’d do a more fashionable job of it) “Festy Fashion” has this year encouraged sporting items borrowed from other cultures even though they don’t know how the items should be spelled.


photo (1)



2. Disproportionate drugs policies that seem based on site permissions rather than likelihood of abuse. Sniffer dogs at T in the Park seen sensible but are they really more necessary at super family friendly Indietracks than Beacons?





3. Going to see a quiet band at a festival can be very much hit or miss. Daughter’s set “clashing” with Roman Flugel at Beacons didn’t cause a dilemma of who to see for most festival goers but the thumping bass during the quiet sections coming from the massive tent as close as below ruined the atmospheric parts which make Daughter great.

photo (5)


4. Ten years ago festivals were only about music, five years ago it was also about Comedians, now it’s about art, crafts and films too. At Indietracks we made record players out of card, pins and sellotape, at Beacons I watched Mistaken For Strangers.


photo (4)



5. Peeing anywhere within a festival site is now so widely accepted that non-peeing areas are now specifically designated.


photo (3)

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