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Save for a few awards such as The Mercury and Polaris prizes which contribute a lot to the promotion of deserving albums and sports awards based partially on statistics like the Balloon d’Or and the NFL’s MVP, Offensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year etc I generally feel like awards are pointless. Desperately compiling a summary of all the the work your project has done over the year in a desperate attention to get the nod from the association of which you’re part of and congratulating peers who you don’t actually know seems a waste of time. (Yes, I’m looking at you Student Radio Awards among others).

However, taking place tomorrow night and falling under the first category is The Scottish Album of the Year Award. On the shortlist and in with a shot of winning are Biffy Clyro, Boards Of Canada, CHVRCHES, Edwyn Collins, Hector Bizerk, RM Hubbert, Steve Mason, Mogwai, The Pastels and Young Fathers which is a fine list and the breadth of music on the longlist was exceptional.

Who do I think will win:
After well deserved wins by Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat followed by RM Hubbert in the first two years of the award’s existance a third by either RM Hubbert or Mogwai from Chemikal Underground’s immediate and extended family would surely raise eyebrows so probably not them. In general internet chatter CHVRCHES appear to be the most fancied and sure The Bones Of What You Believe is a decent album and I’d guess the biggest seller on the list, but is it really better than Les Renevants or Tape Two? I think it’ll be a straight down the middle win for the pretty great but not necessarily groundbreaking Slow Summits by The Pastels.

Who do I think should win:
They’ve already dashed my hopes of Kid Canaveral or Frightened Rabbit winning but I hope it’ll be awarded to the excellent Tape Two by Young Fathers because it’s the best record of it’s kind to come out of this country.

Awards are stupid, but this one would be less stupid if they gave it to the best album.

Edit: They did give it to the best album!


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