Author: Brian Pokora


Bear Bones (October 2011)

Whilst uploading the Virgin of the Birds session I found some videos which I took of Ben from Bear Bones playing in Avalanche an absolute age ago. Finding these caused me to have another...

Meursault flat part 2

Meursault (May 2014)

So back on May 18th Meursault and Virgin of the Birds played a show in my house. I already posted the Bastard Mountain tracks Neil played as part of the flat gig so I...

algernon doll post

On tour:
Algernon Doll

With vinyl which looks like this and tunes as below of course I love Algernon Doll. My ears have almost recovered from seeing them for the first time on Sunday so tonight I’m listening...

when it rains it pours

Edinburgh, when it rains it pours

Four nights ago I got back from Barcelona and haven’t been even slightly tempted to go to a gig in Edinburgh since. Tonight though there are three similarly guitar bands from Glasgow that I...

mix tape post

Post-mavera comedown

So I’m sort of missing having my show on Fresh Air to shout about bands I like (Son Lux right now) but recording my voice seems like so much work so I made this...

primavera post

Primavera Sound 2014

This weekend myself, Rachel, Ruari, Emmett and Tess went to Barcelona for this year’s Primavera Sound. I could discuss at length who I thought was best but the weekend was so eclectic and everything...

plane post

Fuck you, Kelly Jones.

But I suppose I’ll live, maybe. (edit: I did) Whenever you wrote a line that probably meant nothing to you and stuck it on a shitty album called Performance and Cocktails it changed my...

Edinburgh Oxjam Takeover 2014 Launch

So you may have already discovered that after doing production in 2011 I’m managing this year’s Oxjam Takeover. This morning we announced our launch gig at Sneaky Pete’s on the 8th June with Algernon...